Multi-Registration Templates?

We built in all 50 states into the drop down for registration into our template. However, when we build a multi reg page for the client, the drop down for the states does not flow over to that new page. Is there any way to solve for this so I do not have to rebuild all the states every time a multi-reg page is requested?

It would be GREAT if the default “State” field in the registration section was a dropdown. This way there is consistency for all the entries! (Which is why I have to build my own)


There isn’t a way right now that I’m aware of, but I agree. The forms should conform to the ISO standard for state and country codes.

Agreed. It would be such a simple thing to add, and it would save a lot of ON24 customers time when building events.

We use multi-reg almost 100% of the time and would love to see an upgrade. We just learned that multi-reg doesn’t work with some of the event features, such as registration capacity. And we’d like to have design options. Also, when pulling in events, we have many events with the same name, the list should also include the event ID.